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5019 - Silver Elephant Pin

A charming vintage sterling silver Elephant Pin from "Siam" More Info

Price: $ 61.

5005 - Jade Archer Ring Necklace

Semi-antique Chinese carved archer ring pendant, together with "fancy"
American faceted jasper... More Info

Price: $ 515.

5006 - Coral and turquoise necklace

Necklace designed with semi-antique turquoise and Tibetan coral
pendant of Avalokitesvara... More Info

Price: $ 420.

5007 - Aventurine Quartz and Silver Boule Necklace

Specially designed with a semi-antique silver boule bead from Yemen,
together with garnets, freshwater pearls and aventurine cylindrical
beads... More Info

Price: $ 270.

5008 - Thai Amulet Necklace

Semi-antique clay amulet from Thailand together with old red faceted glass beads, gilt silver beads from Cambodia and old red whitehearts. More Info

Price: $ 415. On Hold.


5020 - Rosequartz with Jasper

Necklace with rosequartz cabochon in center, together with Czech glass beads. More Info

Price: $ 175.

5021 - Carnelian and Gilt Metal Beads

Necklace with old carnelian and old embossed gilt beads. More Info

Price: $ 145.


5009 - Necklace with carved carnelian pendant

Necklace with a carnelian pendant with carved shou or longevity
character... More Info

Price: $ 153.

5010 - Green beads and silver necklace

Necklace with tribal silver beads, incised and embossed... More Info

Price: $ 134.


5012 - White Agate Necklace

Necklace with old white agate beads, elongated chased gilt silver beads from Cambodia... More Info

Price: $235.


5014 - Black beads with white pendant necklace

Necklace with black stone beads together with white stone pendant with pearl and garnet tassel. More Info

Price: $ 145.


5015 - Lapis Lazuli and Silver Necklace

Specially commissioned and created lapis lazuli and silver necklace... More Info

Price: SOLD



5016 - Lapis lazuli and pearl necklace with lapis disc pendant

Specially created Afghan lapis necklace with pearls... More Info

Price: SOLD

5018 - Necklace with Topaz

Specially commissioned... More Info

Price: SOLD


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